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Traditional marketing campaigns fall short at engaging the individual customer. It lacks the basic knowledge of customer’s wants and needs, and blasts indiscriminate messages to the masses.

Hybris Marketing enables marketers to develop a deeper understanding of customers; to know what they have done, what they may do, and most importantly what they are doing now. Gain real-time insights into the context of each customer, and leverage these insights to deliver highly individualized customer experiences across channels.

SAP Hybris Marketing can help you
Understand Real-Time Customer Intents. Dynamically capture and enrich customer profiles across all sources into a single view, leverage implicit customer signals to gain insights into customer’s real-time intents

Deliver Unique Customer Experiences. Convert ‘in-the-moment’ opportunities to dynamically deliver contextually relevant customer experiences across channels. Create new engagements to increase online community participation and customer loyalty.

Market with Speed and Agility. Proactively react to customer opportunities with increased visibility and alignment of the marketing process, resources, and performance.

  • Insert Date : 7/27/2016
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