Career Plan

Career Plan
Human resources are important properties of each organization because professional and experienced workforce can elevate the organization. According to this fact, Samehara pays attention to human resources and promote them through a special plan. This career plan helps Samehara’s staff to know which experiences and professions to learn. Here is the career plan of Samehara functional consultants:

  • Trainee: Trainee is someone who is employed in Samehara and will be trained SAP for 6-12 months. Under supervision of Senior consultant, the Trainee should study and learn the processes and SAP transactions and other requirements related to work. 
  • Junior: After primary learning of SAP processes, Junior consultant should get familiar with SAP tools and help Senior consultant in projects.
  • Associate: After getting familiar with SAP tools, the consultant should learn how to customize and help Senior consultant to meet the projects’ requirements.
  • Senior: After learning how to customize, consultant should understand customers’ needs and provide solutions for them. Senior consultant is responsible for delivering project documents to project manager.
  • Principal: In this level, consultant should have the ability to manage the integrity between modules and manage projects.
  • Lead: In this level, consultant is responsible for determining organizational strategies in line with organizational objectives. Moreover Lead consultant has the responsibility to promote the team members.